Features and Functions

The RightsLine Asset and Rights Management solution provides a comprehensive toolset for content owners and distributors to manage all aspects of their assets and rights.

From metadata management and digital asset encoding, through to deal point capture and contract generation, RightsLine is the only software solution that truly combines asset and contractual rights information together.

With over a decade of marketplace experience, you can be sure that our solution delivers true value with industry leading capabilities in the complex areas of availability reporting, on demand rights calculations, and seamless content distribution.

A comprehensive solution backed up by more than a decade of industry experience.

With no hardware or upfront software licensing fees, RightsLine is an accessible solution that meets the needs of the growing POD, VOD, PPV, and Ad Supported distributors as well as more traditional content owners.

Company and Contact Management

Manage who you do business with, and easily relate all transactions against your assets with both specific individuals and companies.

If necessary, RightsLine can provide read-only or reporting views to affiliated 3rd parties such as foreign sales agents or distribution partners. Our platform makes it easy to control notifications and to access all deals you do with specific business partners.

Asset Metadata Management & Exchange

RightsLine provides the ability to capture an unlimited number of asset types and associated metadata fields.

In addition, we have constructed template data feeds to pass metadata to popular streaming video and audio services. Administrators can select the titles they wish to provide to a streaming service, and generate the feed of both metadata and digital assets automatically.

Digital Asset Management & Transcoding

Leveraging increasingly robust cloud technologies from Amazon, RightsLine can store high-resolution digital assets and transcode them to any format required on-demand. As this transcoding service is on-demand, you only pay for what you use and there is no infrastructure to buy or maintain.

Deal Flow Management

RightsLine provides the capability to track your deal flow. The solution supports an unlimited number of transaction types (Acquisition, Distribution, Option, etc.), and provides workflow for the organization to track and manage deal status, approvals, and notifications. In addition, RightsLine can automatically generate the contracts based upon templates stored within the system and distribute them via email to contractual parties as required.

Once contracts are finalized & signed off, the related contractual rights are automatically propagated to every asset on the deal. An unlimited number of assets can be associated to a single deal, and exclusions for single assets can be accommodated.

Rights & Availabilities

Rights information can be managed both at the asset level and at the deal level. The core rights dimensions (Media, Territory, Language, and Term) can be augmented with additional data points to support reporting and alerts. RightsLine provides content owners with the only true availability reporting solution available in today's market. The solution tracks an unlimited number of "Rights In" and "Rights Out" deals for any given asset and calculates what's available to be sold around the world. Availability reporting is real-time and based upon an up to the minute datamart calculated from your asset library and deal history. In addition, the solution will alert and/or block users should they attempt to create a deal for which they do not have the requisite rights.

Automated Licensing Portal

RightsLine Includes an optional portal that allows either internal or external users to browse the list of available content and submit requests to use it. The portal pulls all information from the Asset and Rights Management system and allows your organization to select the content available to license. It includes a broad array of configuration options to make the portal as broad or targeted as necessary for your enterprise.

By streamlining the licensing process, our customers have been able to control how their content is used both internally and externally. In addition, all information about the requests is captured and stored for historical purposes. Invoices can be generated directly from the Online Licensing Portal or integrated through your financial accounting platform.

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