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Changes in the media business are creating an ever expanding number of distribution channels. This is making it difficult to manage media libraries, but also presents many new opportunities

How it Works

Our software tracks your catalog of assets, and the rights and relationships behind those assets, so you're able to gain greater control over what you own, and create additional revenue streams through licensing and distribution.

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Track what you own, and what you can do with it.

Fully Customizable

Built upon a highly scalable data architecture, RightsLine can accommodate any number of metadata fields, can be configured to support any contract template or deal workflow, and can deliver metadata and digital assets to third parties right from the system. We serve any organization in the intellectual property creation, licensing, or distribution industry.

Industry Leading Technology

Leveraging best-of-breed cloud technologies, RightsLine can store high-resolution digital assets and transcode them on the fly to your distributors' specifications. As an entirely hosted solution, we can configure a solution tailored to your organization and begin providing value within weeks.

Want to know more?

Check out our Features and Functions page for more technical information about how our software works.

Our Clients

Find out how these industry leaders are using Rightsline software:

Our online portal is giving our customers exactly what they want: a fast and easy way to discover and license our content.
...the greater benefit has been to MGM itself: the ability to manage multiple licenses with ease and efficiency.
RightsLine provides the complete platform that allows dcp to securely upload metadata, high resolution files, and proxy files to Amazon's cloud so that customers around the globe can browse, license, and download the content they need in an intuitive and streamlined manner.
Simplicity, flexibility, and ease of customization were ultimately why we chose RightsLine.
The fully integrated platform to manage assets makes RightsLine their key production system.
RightsLine has provided the first, fully automated licensing process ever. It has gone a long way in simplifying the clearance process.

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